Our mission is to change
the way the world experiences chocolate and vanilla.

It’s a world with too many middlemen who walk away with too much of the profit. A world where beans are stripped of their natural taste and farmers are treated like photo-ops. A world where people have been blinded to the beauty of what real chocolate and vanilla can be.

We’re bringing that world to an end.

By sourcing the best quality vanilla and cocoa in the world, directly from the farmers who grow it. By pioneering a business model that has the power to change the food industry, forever. And by inviting you to enjoy something that doesn’t just taste better, it feels better. This is chocolate, and vanilla, made right.

We made 2.8 Million Chocolate Bars in Madagascar last year.

Each year that number grows so does our impact.

Bars made in madagascar
Bars made in EU


Endangered lemur
species living safely
within our supply chain


Full Time Malagasy
employees at our factory
in Antananarivo


Middlemen between
farmer and factory


Total hectares under exclusive
organic cultivation


Kgs of cocoa
purchased from farmers


Direct farmer relationships

Expanding Our Mission

The next steps in our Made at the Source journey are moving vanilla production to Madagascar and opening up a second chocolate factory at origin in Uganda. Stay tuned for updates on our progress.

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